Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lobo - Greatest Hits

Lobo - Greatest Hits

Roland Kent Lavoie, better known by the stage name Lobo (born in Tallahassee, Florida, July 31, 1943), is an American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several U.S. Top 10 hits, including "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo", "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend"

Songs from this album are available to purchase as MP3s

1. I'd Love You To Want Me
2. How Can I Tell Her About You
3. You're All I Ever Need
4. A Day In The Life Of A Love
5. Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
6. Me & You & A Dog Named Boo
7. Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love
8. I Don't Wanna Make Love Anymore
9. Afterglow
10. The Way I Came I In

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